Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Portrait Process

Many people have asked me how I reference my drawings. I usually take a collection of images of the person, and study them to get a clear idea of their features and how they would wok in any position. this allows me to depict them in whatever composition i chose and I feel i'm not strictly copying any one image, but presenting my own vision of this person.

I tried to find as many large high rez images as I can on the internet so I get a sense of the persons skin texture, and any small details like scars moles freckles. In most cases i use poses of a low rez image, and then reference a large scale image, which ends up in me
making up the details.For example, this photo was exactly how I wanted Bills portrait to be styled. However I wanted another stark pose of him looking flat to the observer.

Taking the straight on pose and the top where I feel Bill looks most feminine and the giving him the short hair and more gothic styling from the vogue shoot.. with some whimsical made up feathers.

When I cam to drawing Sebastian Simon I used about three images taken from stills on his youtube videos & images I found on his tumblr.

This is ort of the styling I wanted I liked the harsher more cyber-goth influences make-up as most of the other portraits in my collection will be more neutral.

This was the closest image I could find to the pose I wanted So I adapted a lot of the features from this. I really wanted the image to be about this mass of pale hair that Sebastian features in more recent videos.
I had toyed with the idea of giving him Cat make-up as he often wear it in his videos.
But often when it comes to adding in additions such as lace tendrils above I will just put things in front of me and draw them.

Again all of the elements to my portraits are hand drawn and rather than clone stamping to try and extend the images to fit my new format I just went back and made some new parts to the digital collage.
Newly discovered the joy of apps! P!nk in process on Instagram.

The method of working actually got refined as i was working on an extra project of making a fake little white lies cover for Orlando

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