Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Grim Fairy Tales

Composition, colours & layout

After scanning in my drawing I cut it up on photoshop and tried out some rearranged compositions. Having the hand/tree on the front as i felt it was more of a feature.

At this stage I realised I actually liked the composition the way I had originally drawn it.

I added an owl to the spine and drew the text into a bush growing up the spine.
I like the spine matching the full book rather than breaking it up with the black or contrasted colour.
I like the tones fading through the image darker at the centre creating a vignetter towards the edges.
So this was my cleaned up version with a different more legible spine and the red spots polished.
Trying a brighter colour with no texture?

This is possibly my favourite however the darkness and vintage textured backgrounds is perhaps a little mature.

Just a bit TOO colourful.

And this is what I sent to puffin awards at the time I kept being drawn back to purple however I'm not sure if my original sepia neutral pallet worked better. It was my want to steer away slightly from textures & give a cleaner more children's book appeal to my design that lead me to this conclusion.

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