Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Finalised Bird T-shirts

So I'm Part of the team! Interview Link
Jon was recently introduced to the brands design and production side of the brand through his distinctive style of pencil driven illustration. Supersaturated have been fortunate to develop a limited edition range of designs for Jon's designs which have already have had great feedback and are suspected to be sold out very quickly.

He hasn't been able to shake his distinct pirate style, with his long hair and scarf accessories! however it means he doesn't have to spend a lot on fancy dress attire. Jon always brings an eclectic and diverse mind set to the design brainstorming sessions having influences from marauding and pillaging!

SS: So Jack, you're still currently at the college of art and we've heard that your dissertation was about robots (not pirates!) tells us what attracted you to working for Supersaturated's limited edition range of clothes?
I had heard of Supersaturated on the corridors of the art college and seen a few of the stickers around town. So after reading about the brand's ethos and seeing the other members of the clothing side of the brand, I was keen to get involved, But i'm let me get this straight... i'm not a pirate!

SS: I think a heap of potential illustrators reading this would love to know your secret. If you were going to divulge any hints and tips then what is the most important part of your working technique or environment that you are happy for someone else to know?

JH: I could tell them, but i'd have to make them walk the plank! However the best thing is to love drawing and draw all the time. the more you do then the easier it gets. I Always have a pencil and a sketchbook with me and am currently filling it with ideas for Supersaturated's limited edition Winter collection.

(Jon wears the number 1 print from the Limited Edition 'Journey' Tee)

Figuring out the layout of the text.

Next To print!

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