Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fur Facts

Animals lives in the Fur Industry go -

They are killed by cruel methods that preserve the pelt, such as gassing, neck breaking, clubbing and anal electrocution.

The trapping of millions of wild animals around the world involves incalculable suffering. Animals are caught in the wild with snares, leg-hold and conibear traps and endure excruciating pain. Death can take days. In a desperate attempt to escape, many chew their limbs off. When the trapper returns, the animal will be shot, stamped on or clubbed to death - if they are still alive. Others die of infection or become prey to other animals. Snares, leghold and conibear traps are indiscriminate and often non-target animals are caught and deemed as "trash", even though they may be members of endangered species or people’s pets.

Fur is not a by-product of the meat industry (as is the case with most leather) -- it is factory farmed and/or trapped purely for fashion. Often a large number of animals (e.g. 60 - 80 mink) are killed to make one garment.

Fur trim is not the 'leftovers' from making full length fur coats: more animals are killed to make fur trim than for full-length fur coats. This is because there is a larger market for fur collars, trim etc. than fur coats.

Millions of animals are now bred and killed for their fur in China where there are no animal welfare laws. Animal welfare groups and Chinese media have documented unimaginable acts of cruelty to animals.

Furthermore, contrary to the deceitful claims of the fur industry, fur is not an eco- friendly or a "green" product. The fur industry relies on the heavy use of toxic and caustic chemicals to treat pelts which would otherwise rot. The concentrated agricultural waste from fur factory farms can damage the environment.

Number of animals used in one fur coat

Seal 6-10

Lynx 8-12

Badger 10-12

Otter 10-16

Fox 10-20

Dog 15-20

Bobcat 16-22

Coypu (Nutria) 26-34

Raccoon 30-40

Mink 30-70

Rabbit 30-40

Marten 50-60

Sable 60-70

Chinchilla 30-200

Squirrel 200-400

I think this set of statistic is what I keep coming back to - I feel that it is simple straight forward to illiterate but when thought about actually quite shocking.

I began by just sketching up some of the animals in a more stylised way, that are very much impacted by the fur trade.

Research! http://heartanddesign.blogspot.co.uk/2010_09_01_archive.html

I really need a slogan to form part of the base design, my

ideas thus far are -

Doesn't look right does it? (having an animal wearing a human skin etc)

Cotton is cool!

Flowers not fur.

Fake It! ( I likes the idea of fake fur being a textures fabric print, line art)

A better way to wear …..

The numbers of animals going into making just one item is really shocking, I finally decided on creating a series of the number of animals and a better way to wear that animal on a cool T-shirt.

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