Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sebastian Simon

Sebastian Simon is A current Youtube Celebrity who is a member of the group Androgenetics. In the above video he discuses Androgyny and Says that he is happy with himself., happy with his gender and is fully a boy. Although in his mind he does not think oh i'm a boy or i'm a girl. he simply wears things that he likes and behaves in a way he feels most comfortable.
This is a group of five people who make videos Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday with each person taking a day of the week.

They all seem to have different aesthetics and styles but all are essentially boys who do not conform to the convention of how a male should be presented.

Each week they take on a theme to discuss and make a video about, One week they discussed ‘The good and bad aspects of androgyny’ I gathered from this their positives included -
A lack and freedom of labels, individuality & differences begin to matter less. Your personal identity becomes more fluid – ‘I wake up some days and dress more maly, other days I dress up like a girl, following a whimsy.
Disrespect & Discrimination – misunderstanding, being labels incorrectly even under the umbrella of androgyny. Others being uncomfortable, and not listening to what they are saying, but going as far to avoid talking to them such as transsexual, cross dressing but not necessarily homosexual etc. Paranoia about how they will be perceived by members in society. Also scared that they may be attacked because of the way they dress or look.
Monday says that 'Duality' rules his life, struggling between feminine and masculine differences. However the term 'Andrgynous' was coined because it is difficult to make this sound negative - 'You Androgynous boy!' Sounding far less insulting than terms such as 'Tranny'.

Joseph Harwood

Another older member of the group, I recently came across this model similar to André Pejac who does not model as a woman in the same way but seems to be booked (mostly in Japan) for his androgynous look reminisant of Annie Lennox or other 80s boy-girl stars.

For me 'Jo Harwood' is so feminine I'm unsure whether to include him as an Androgynous celebrity, he reads woman in almost all of the photography I've seen him in. However I've chosen to blog about him because of this statement about identity -

Like I think alot of anrogynous people look for reasons to be victimized, like if someone is staring at them they think it’s like some horrific situation. Well I stare at things I don’t see on a normal basis, if I see something out of the ordinaryI look, so why would I begrudge people the same courtesy.

I thought this connection with Shiva was interesting, Photograpy by Gozra Lozano.

To me, androgyny should really be used to describe a person you cannot tell either way - and cues or certain features keep leading the observer to change their mind on the subject.

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