Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Celebrity Portraits & Bett Norris

Bett Noris is an illustrator from Bristol. I emailed her because of her series of portraits on androgyny focusing on popular icons.

My name is Jonathan & I'm studying illustration down in plymouth!

I'm actually writing an essay on androgyny and a lot of my work at the moment has been influenced by virginia woolf's Orlando.
I absolutely love your work and the icons you have illustrated on your etsy account.

I was hoping you might have time to answer a few questions on what influenced you and started you painting these particular, androgynous media characters, I know it was for Urban Outfitters, but was there any other research you did that you found interesting?

Why do you like androgyny?

Have you got any plans to draw other characters in this theme?

Sorry for all the questions, I get a little excited over other illustrators work!

Thanks so much if you can help me out,
All the best,

These are the pieces I did as part of the Urban Outfitters exhibition. I wanted to explore the theme of Androgyny because I thought it would be interesting - and perhaps challenging - to draw people who cross-dress or have ambiguous gender. I also chose iconic people who have a strong 'look'; Grace Jones, David Bowie (in his young- pre-Ziggy days) and Frida Kahlo. I also included Andy Warhol but I'm currently re-drawing that one. I planning to do some more- I'd really like to draw Grayson Perry, but need some more ideas!

Extra Large Frida Kahlo 'Androgyny' Limited Edition A2 Giclee Print by Bett Norris

Large Grace Jones 'Androgyny'  Limited Edition  A3 Giclee Print by Bett Norris.
David Bowie 'Androgyny'  A4 limited edition Giclee Print by Bett Norris

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