Tuesday, 31 January 2012

No Lenses, No Lasers

No Lenses, No Lasers

Something I've been working on for a website talking about the deceptions of lasik surgery for eye sight & advocating natural cures.
I l=took on this job because I have been reading a lot of companies & designs groups ethos - Meaningful Design - And I really supported what this group was advocating.

David Hestrin runs the group 'Cure for Blur' - He contacted me asking if i could help him rebrand the website with some refreshing fun characters.

I made the Front page for him & made sure the rest of the website matched.
"This is so awesome. I really appreciate your feedback too.

Was paypal good for payment?
Also, for some more work, I could use a logo watermark for youtube videos that says no lenses no lasers

I was also thinking if you're interested to make a video and doing a voiceover
it wouldn't have to be a full animation but just a bunch of images they can even be relatively raw sketches"


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  2. Looks great with the blue-print background.

    In reference to the followup email, I will be learning how to do animations like this http://tinyurl.com/6nah6o6 because I'm familiar with After Effects woo. I feel a Raccoon project coming on