Monday, 26 December 2011

Bluebea.. Im mean Bloody Chamber

Playing around with cover ideas for the binding of the Bloody Chamber - I wanted to use the cat because i feel the feline shape is a very feminine but strong preditoriel figure. And it's not so literal as covers i've seen illustrating the title story.

Unfortunently - this design isn't quite strong enough without the title & blurb on the back to recognise it as 'a book cover'. I do however know I want to keep a strong silhouette for my cover design.

Also in one of the storeys - 'the show child', Angela talks only about white black & red - like the original snow White stories, and also representing blood & verginity. So I also came to a conclusion on my colour pallet for the binding.

So I decided that if i were to design to book for a conventional non-limited edition cover - it would look something more like this -

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