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Job Wall

Looking through the job wall i was really excited & inspired by lots of the ideas - The first time I shortlisted - I was left with 18!

But here are 8 That really appealed to me

1. Create a set of 5 sequential images/comic panels, based around a video game (any platform/any year). It could be a brief summery of the plot, a specific moment/scene in the game, or an original story based on the cast of characters, settings/locations, timeline, etc.

I really liked the sound of this as a self initiated project - I would do the game Arcanum one of my favourite childhood games which has directly influenced my current work to date.

"Arcanum begins with a cut scene of the IFS Zephyr, a luxury zeppelin, on her maiden voyage from Caladon to Tarant. Two monoplanes, piloted by Half-Ogre bandits, close in on the craft and commence attack runs, succeeding in shooting it down. An old gnome who is a passenger aboard the Zephyr is now in his death throes under charred debris and tells the player to bring a silver ring to "the boy," and promptly dies. Being the only survivor of the crash, the main character is proclaimed as "The Living One," a holy reincarnate, by the only witness to the crash, Virgil. The story follows the player's path as he searches for the origin of the ring. Over the course of the game, the player uncovers more about the history of the continent, the motivation of the assassins who are trying to kill him, and the identity of the one threatening to end all life in the land."

The five images I would create might be about my character that I played or the world as a whole - giving a wider sense of the game.


The Wildscape 2012 Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition is now open, with an invitation to all wildlife artists (both amateur and professional) to take part in what is expected to be one of the biggest events of this kind in the UK.

The overall winning entries will be displayed in the Hall of Fame on this web site.


Entries will be judged in both Amateur and Professional classes, and the following awards will be presented in each class:

Highly Commended

In addition, there will be an Overall Competition Winner who will receive the coveted 'Wilf' Trophy and be named Wildlife Artist of the Year.

Rules and Conditions

1. Work submitted may be in any medium, in 2- or 3-dimensions. Photographic entries will not be accepted. (We plan to hold a separate photographic competition at a later date.)

2. Entries must be of wildlife subjects: domestic and feral animals will not be accepted. Wild mammals, birds, fish and other marine life, insects, wild flowers and wilderness landscapes are acceptable.

3. All entries must be received by 23rd March 2012. at the latest, accompanied by a completed entry form and appropriate fees

submisions should be made in the first place as 10"x8" colour photographic or digital prints.

The categories to chose from are -

  • British Mammals (behaviour and portraits)

  • British Birds (behaviour and portraits)

  • All Other Wildlife (behaviour and portraits, in the UK and worldwide)

  • The Wonder of Plants (British and worldwide)

  • Beneath the Water (marine and fresh water)

  • Animals in their Environment (British and worldwide)

  • World Mammals (behaviour and portraits)

  • World Birds (behaviour and portraits)

  • Black and White Nature (pencil, lino cuts, etchings, wood block etc)

  • Visions of Nature (innovative, creative impressions of wildlife)

  • Frozen Planet (please note: entries must feature animal life)

  • Endangered Species (entries must feature species listed by the IUCN as ‘Endangered’ or ‘Critically Endangered’)


We are delighted to announce that for a second year, the House of Illustration and The Folio Society are collaborating on The Book Illustration Competition.

The chosen book for this year’s competition is Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories.

For your entry please provide 3 finished illustrations. For this year’s competition you must present one illustration for each of the selected stories only – The Bloody Chamber, Puss-in-Boots and The Company of Wolves. You can select any scene within these stories. Illustrations from other stories will not be accepted. 

Each illustration entered should be accompanied by the story title and appropriate text caption of a maximum of 25 words. The caption should be text taken directly from the book. It does not need to be a complete sentence but should be appropriate to the illustration.

We require full page illustrations, either in colour or black and white, one for each of the selected stories. The illustrations can be in any medium suitable for reproduction; however all entries must be suitable for the dimensions given here. Your illustrations can either bleed off the page or be surrounded by a white border for a trimmed page size of 234 x 156 mm (240 x 162 mm with bleed).

The entry fee is £25 (£15 for students).


The competition is open to anyone over 18 who is not a Folio Society published illustrator.


The first prize will be a Folio Society commission. The winner will be asked to provide a total of seven illustrations for the final book, as well as a binding design, and must agree to complete the commission within the given deadline (end of March 2012). 

The winner will be paid £4,000 (approx 6,300 USD) for the commission. Five runners-up will each receive prizes of £500 cash (approx 780 USD). 

Three prizes of the six will be awarded to student entries.

4. Only one entry per person will be accepted.

5. The closing date for entries is Tuesday 10th January 2012.

6. All judging is done anonymously. The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

7. The first prize will be a Folio Society commission. The winner will be asked to provide a total of seven illustrations for the final book, as well as a binding design, and must agree to complete the commission within the given deadline (end of March 2012). The winner will be paid £4,000 for the commission. Five runners-up will each receive prizes of £500 cash. Three prizes of the six will be awarded to student entries.

8. The winner, runners-up and shortlisted finalists must be prepared to lend some or all of their original artwork for display and will be required to allow reproduction of the artwork for use in web and printed publicity. Please see the terms and conditions.

9. The judging will take place shortly after the deadline for entries. The winner and runners up will be announced publicly in July 2012, to enable the winner to work on the book and for it to be published.

I love the folio Society and this is a huge opportunity. I also love the choice of book this year, this is probably going to become my focus.


Sketchbook project.Macintosh HD:Users:johnathanhabens:Desktop:Screen Shot 2011-11-11 at 12.14.01.png

Limited Edition Sketchbook Project.

5. 26 projects. This is something I am definatly participating in.

Christmas Stories! Produce One Illustration A4, traditional, and processed digitally, submitted to the 26 projects team.

I will be illustrating a page from a family photo-album, in sepia pencils, influenced very much fro the storeys of my own family and the work of Shaun tan I researched within the last module.

I hope that the image will link well into my interest in the nostalgic and short whimsical tales from families.

6. Grizzly Thursday.

A new exciting adventure into drawing bears!

Submit your bear drawings (grizzly only please! non of those crumby panda types! paintings, sketches or even comic strips if you like) to and they will be added to the blog (with full credits and links if you put those in the email too) then......

...once a month I'll declare as GRIZZLY BEAR THURSDAY!

Any bears submitted gets an exclusive GRIZZLY BEAR THURSDAY BADGE! (You can't buy them in the shops!) One per person but feel free to submit more than one bear!

If you draw a second bear for another GRIZZLY BEAR THURSDAY you will get another prize- a Warwick Johnson Cadwell Grizzly Bear magnet! (You can't buy them in the shops either!)

So, relax, sit back with a mug of tea and enjoy the bears."

LINK (with more details)

This one is a nice quick brief to possibly do aswell as your two main choices.

7. Support Structure 02 / Followers

Job Category - Publishing/Indy

Description - Pylon Press is our very own in-houseindy publishing project. Many of you participated in our first collaborative publication last year and this year we are hoping to make a more ambitious and extensive publication.

The brief asks you to simply illustrate the theme 'Followers'. The link below will take you to the Pylon blog where the full brief can be found (I will also post it on Moodle in the AD32 section). Selected illustrators will receive copies of the publication and we hope to distribute the publication in outlets that will provide good exposure.

Please ignore the deadline, I will be sending out an extension date in the coming week. If you want to answer the brief then we are happy for you to submit your entry for the first submission deadline: 14th December.

Other things I liked were lizes cat comic, and my own project steam animals.

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