Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Digital collage

Mattew Richardson

A lot of contemporary illustrators seem to be building up their images from a mixture of traditional elements and photoshop - creating a 'Digital Collage"> I quite like this style - looking at people who do it well!

Last Years Folio Society Competition Winner Matthew Richards,

I love the mood and textures that add a lot of depth to his cut out photographic style. I really think he combines his lifework well with the collage - he also puts together all his images on the computer.

Heads of State

This collective creates beautiful graphics, being a collaborative they produce a lot of diversity within their body of work - But i particularly admire the range of outlets and examples of context within the work. Also In terms of stylisation & use of creating bold direct logos they are awesome.

Finn Campbell-Notman

Described as a fine art illustrator, Finn Campbell-Notman's work has featured in infinite newspaper and magazine editorials, book publications, and advertising campaigns. His work for harrods was particularly interesting as it used illustrated backgrounds for fashion advertising .

His work is again really diverse and seems really different between his advertising cut out using photographic images & his very confident pen style which hew colours digitally.

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