Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Commissions Commissions

A tutor in college asked me to draw a picture of her friend for his 40th birthday. She had previously bought one of my fox hunt zines from the second year.

"The idea is that he is 'Fantastic Mat' does up vehicles in his spare time, the latest one he ‘s done for himself is a 101 ambulance – he loves it!! I was hoping to get an illustration of Mat with his bow and arrow standing on top of his 101, we all used to call him Fantastic Mat, after the cartoon punk baby called Fantastic Max, it would be ace to get Fantastic Mat in the same lettering into it somewhere! He only spells his name with one t! (and he often uses a circle round the A in his name like an anarchy symbol!) No background is fine, or, if there’s time he’s also into gardening and is vegetarian, I loved the foxes you drew before!"

This was a really nice project - The feedback was very positive. I do wish I had perhaps had time to colour the image but it does stand out as a straight pen drawing.

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