Friday, 7 October 2011

Nostalgic Tales

Some real life tales that have never before been written down:

That Red Coat:

Burnt Toast:

Marmalade doll:

Grandma - The fashion model:

My justification for why these should be retold is because they are true storeys about real people, I want these storeys to give just a bit of the characters personalities and reflect a very typical British old fashioned way of thinking, - in what we actually care about in "That Red Coat". Which I find so relatable to people today.

I see this small first zine being in place in a vintage tea room, Old Biddies in Norwich is a tea room that sells local artists vintage cards, zines and steam-punk trinkets.

This could be used for myself as self promotional material. And hopefully if the artwork is strong enough people who appreciate this setting and genre of quirky vintage war-time tales would buy it - reading it in this setting will compliment both the story and the atmosphere.

The first tale I am going to approach as a preliminary to a set ( but should be able to stand alone)

The 5 scenes will be divided thus so:

  1. Once upon a time - during the war - There was a girl named Eliza Charlton who pooled her rations to buy the perfect Red Coat.
  2. Whilst her sister Mary, spent her coupons ate, and was frivolous, Eliza after months of saving and scrimping could finally buy her coat!
  3. When she came home there was an air raid siren, and the family fled the house to the shelters … the coat was left on the back of the door.
  4. 6 hours later, there was a large space where the families house had been. Everything had gone.
  5. "And I never got to wear that red coat!" Great aunt Eliza-Jean reminisces at 83, perhaps forgetting what else she had once lost one day, during the war.
I want to depict images that I as a child saw when i was told these storeys - so some of them might not necessarily be 100% accurate to the context of time or setting. I hope this will add interest and add to it being more universal for all ages.

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