Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Matthew Robins Workshop

Workshop 5:

What an inspiring way to illustrate and enjoy what you do!

The idea of performing and using illustration in this way is so exciting - I have to think of my own way to incorporate this!.
Here is something I made on the saturday arts club with Emily (aged 9)

Paul the prawn, & Andy the sea anemone.

I feel like I really want to be able to edit down and be able to chose the most apropriate style and method of illustrating for a particular project. In generating animation of any kind the work will have to be limited to a realistic and achievable constraint - or you with be making it for so long that you loose interest in telling the story.

The only way I have found detailed realism used in this eway is with shuan tans -
The Arrival, Which uses music to help illustrate the story.
"An orchestral score played live against projected images from the book, presented in their natural order." The resulting production of The Arrival premiered at the Sydney Opera House as part of the popular GRAPHIC festival, which gives particular focus to the intersection between music, literature, comics and visual arts culture. It has since been further developed and performed again at the Melbourne Writer's Festival, to much acclaim.


I have always been so impressed with her work, and touching storeys and the breadth of media she uses - but this is branching so many things and I have so much respect for artists who use their work as their voice for things they believe in.

I think telling storeys in a performance manner is a really important advancement if you really want a storey to be told - it brings the tale to the public rather then them having to read, or work it out fore themselves. I think this may be why more of the work i have come across that utilises this technique has a cause or message to it.

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