Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hairy business

Workshop 2


Receiving this task on the day i cut my own hair - I had to render an image of my frustration.
After getting that out of my system I was thinking of being under the weather and things in life you cannot control - In England, you can't control the weather.

I remembered this incredible advert as a kid in the 90s, I did some research and found it was the Powergen Weathergen collection - these are some stills I screengrabbed.

Their wear 9 characters in total and they were done just perfectly my favourites wear the umbrella woman, the ominous cloud & the icy jack frost looking guy. For this project I felt a woman with a storm for hair was a good starting point.

I ended up with tornado girl heavily influenced by pulp fiction covers.

I also happened to be watching an interview with Anya Aoung Chee - a graphic designer, turn miss universe, come fashion designer from trinidad - (She is inspiring!) Her very matter o fact manner is charming and she is quoted as saying 'I could not be in an environment that stopped me from doing what I wanted with my ow hair, I could never compromise my freedom & creativity."

I found this such a close statement - also turning the initial "How can i …" quote into a positive spin. I had to use it - I would also get to explore 1950's fashion advertising.

What I love about the 1950s adverts was the handwritten, calligraphic text - it's so whimsical but very clean and legible. I also chose to take a simplified colour palette from these points of research.

I hope this image gives a nod to 1950s advertising, AND would look appropriate alongside fashion illustration in a magazine.

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